Rats!! 2.0

Follow the stolen cheese trail in this mobile platform game


  • Big levels
  • Cute style


  • Generic gameplay

Not bad

Rats!! is a platform game for your pocket PC. Play as Morty the rat and uncover the whereabouts of your lost invention 'the Awesomizer', your lost cheese, and discover the reason Ratopolis is overrun with murderous police robots.

All of which means running and jumping through a fairly standard, though by no means bad, 2D world. control is either with the 'd' pad, or touch screen, although if you don't have a 'd' pad on your Pocket PC be warned as the touchscreen controls are quite awkward.

The sound is pretty good, with some voice acting for the story cut scenes, which are all amusingly bizarre even if they are only setting you up for more running and jumping. The graphics are polished, they won't amaze, but they function well.

The aim of each level is to reach the exit, by exploring and finding the necessary switches to unblock your passage. There is nothing very wrong with Rats!!, and yet nothing really to make it stand out. The enemies are more annoying than challenging, and level design lacks character.

If you want a reasonably challenging, and lengthy platform adventure, Rats!! will suffice, just don't expect any surprises.

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Rats!! 2.0

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